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From 13 February 2005 Issue

National Capitol Hill Day 4 Horses

In 1971 Congress unanimously declared America's wild free-roaming horses and burros to be Living Symbols of the Historic and Pioneering Spirit of the West. Just before the Thanksgiving recess in 2004, Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) snuck a rider onto the huge omnibus spending bill that gutted the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act and placed over 8,000 horses and an undetermined number of burros in immediate risk of being sold to slaughter.

Your help is needed for National Capitol Hill Day 4 Horses on March 6th thru 8th.

Best Western Hotel on New Hampshire in NW. D.C. has suites available for double occupancy for $129 for those arriving on the 5th and 6th, and staying until the 9th.

Register at Click on the word "form." The agenda will be mailed to all registrants.

A meeting room has been reserved for the pre-Hill Day briefing. Please try to make senate meetings in the AM (9-12) and House (1-4ish). We will coordinate for those who register to maximize effectiveness.

If You Can't Make it to DC for the National Capitol Hill Day (March 7th), please make an appointment with your U.S. Representative and Senators offices in YOUR HOME area, at their District Offices on the 7th of March. What this will do, is send a loud message to the members of Congress who we meet with in D.C., and those we don't meet with because their constituents couldn't be in D.C. You can be heard in either case.

We (the wild horse coalition), will have talking points and fact sheets available shortly for you to take to these local meetings. Staff in these district offices, will report to their bosses in D.C. Please cross post this as you will need to make these appointments in the next week or so. If you don't know where your US representative or senators local district offices are, either call your local voters registration office, go to (Alerts page - find their DC office on our site and ask them for the district office nearest you), or ask your local library.

Please get business cards (so you may follow up and be sure they will be cosponsoring), and send thank you notes within a week of these meetings. You need to be sure the staff you meet with will report on the meetings to their counterparts on Capitol Hill.

More info at:;, Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates Thanks!

Trina Bellak, Esq. Thanks for Caring -- American Horse Defense Fund, Inc. 866-983-3456 In Numbers There Is Strength - JOIN AHDF TODAY

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