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From 24 April 2005 Issue

Medical Breakthrough at Yerkes:

Squirrel Monkeys Should Think Twice About Long-Term Use of Cocaine!
Michael J. Kuhar and Leonard L. Howell have had long, lucrative careers at Emory University addicting monkeys to cocaine. Kuhar and Howell received over $2 million dollars for their six ongoing studies relating to cocaine use in nonhuman primates last year alone. This money is coming from taxpayers just like you and is used to torment monkeys and has never resulted in any clinical application for people. In Howell’s own words:

"The proposed research will establish a nonhuman primate model to characterize drug-induced changes in brain neurochemistry during cocaine self-administration. The proposed use of in vivo microdialysis techniques in conscious monkeys trained to self-administer cocaine will characterize neurochemical changes associated with the reinforcing or addictive properties of cocaine, and will identify neurochemical mechanisms that mediate drug effects on behavior. Experiments will be conducted in squirrel monkeys surgically prepared with chronically-indwelling venous catheters for drug administration. Stereotaxic procedures will be employed in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to implant guide cannulae into selected target areas and to verify the accuracy of probe placement."

In lay terms, primates will be strapped to chairs and their heads will be fixed to devices that allow experimenters to manipulate the animal while they are fully conscious. Tubes (cannulae) will be inserted directly into their brain and their brains will be monitored while they are fully awake.

Yerkes’ frequently grabs the attention and hope of the public and media with their startling ‘’breakthroughs’’ about cocaine use based on monkey data. Monkey data is not human data and none of their work has resulted in any clinical applications. Kuhar and Howell may be well-known among other primate researchers, but psychotherapists who actually help people with substance abuse know nothing of their work and largely consider it a waste of time and money. This is a loss to the public that prevention programs were not funded and projects to alleviate poverty and other societal ills that spawn substance abuse were not implemented. Howell and Kuhar get rich but the public gets no results.

There seems to be no end to the cruelty that can be devised. There seems to be no end to the cruelty that taxpayers are required to underwrite. Just as many people slept through the centuries of African slavery, the Jewish Holocaust, the Cambodian Killing Fields, so too are Americans now sleeping through a crime of nearly unimaginable proportions. Day in and day out, animals with mental and emotional characteristics like those that Howell and Kuhar terrorize are being strapped into chairs and experimented on while they struggle in vain to free themselves from what must appear to them to be the very minions of Hell. Their only escape is when they are finally killed.

And we stand by….silently. We turn our head. We claim the ‘experts’ know best. Like they did at Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib. Our children and grandchildren will ask us what we did during this horrific animal holocaust. There will be many embarrassed silences.

Visit or call 770-719-5348 for more info.
Jean Barnes
Primate Freedom Project

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