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From 14 August 2005 Issue

Homeless Animals' Day Vigil Online

Please join The Animal Spirit's annual Homeless Animals' Day Online Candlelight Vigil for 2005.

Visit to light a candle in honor of the millions of animals who are killed every year because there are not enough homes.

After lighting a candle:

* Please make a commitment to educate at least one other person about the homeless animal crisis.

-- Hand out the free flyers found at:
(Spanish version: )

-- Hand out our free brochure that explains the Trap-Neuter-Return method of helping homeless cats. 

-- You can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. See sample below:


Aug. 20 is Homeless Animals' Day. The International Society for Animal Rights began this day to publicize companion animal overpopulation, increase public awareness of the millions of animals killed in shelters annually due to a lack of homes and to emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering.

The total number of animals killed in shelters has been debated. Some estimate there are about 4 million to 5 million animals killed every year in shelters, while others think the number is much higher (10 million to 12 million). These estimates are only for shelter animals; they do not include street animals who die before ever making it to a

Whatever the true estimate is, millions of animals die because there are not enough homes.

On Homeless Animals' Day, make a commitment to support rescue efforts. Support your local shelter, your local rescue group and your local independent rescuers. You can do this by having your own animals spayed or neutered, adopting your next companion animal and educating others about the importance of spaying or neutering and adoption.

We can end the tragic cycle of killing.

* Please make a commitment to help at least one homeless animal.

-- Donate your time to a local animal shelter or rescue.

-- Donate much needed supplies to your local animal shelter or rescue. Visit for ideas.

-- If you can adopt a homeless animal, do it soon! If you cannot adopt, sponsor an animal at your local shelter or rescue.

-- Spay or neuter at least one animal this month. If your companion animals are already spayed/neutered, spay/neuter a homeless animal, or volunteer to pay for a spay/neuter procedure that someone cannot afford.

Don't forget to light your candle: 

Thank you to our friends at Bravenet for this free service.

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