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From 28 August 2005 Issue

Australian Rodeo Abuses People Too
From Steve Hindi - SHARK - [email protected] 

We have received some graphic rodeo video footage from Australia that demonstrates that the cruelty and cowardice of rodeo animal abusers are the same worldwide. Furthermore, as the Australian footage demonstrates, the phony cowboys are just as prepared to abuse people.

Thus begins the story of Janet Allan, a petite 55-year-old Australian animal protector, and Will Watson, a spineless, bully-coward in his twenties. Watson, like all rodeo phonies, lives under the delusion that he is a cowboy. Janet attended a rodeo with her video camera, and was gathering damning footage of Will Watson and his fellow phonies as they abused their animal victims. Watson the Coward discovered Janet and attempted to wrench the video camera away from her. When she held tight, the coward knocked Janet to the ground several times, slammed her against a steel fence, and pushed her head under water. In fact, Will the Coward held Janet's head underwater for a few seconds!

The vicious attack from Will Watson the Coward left Janet bruised on her legs and shoulders. It should be mentioned that during the attack, which played out in front of hundreds of rodeo spectators, not one of these degenerates moved to help Janet. In fact, the crowd, apparently drunk not only on alcohol was also intoxicated with the violence being perpetrated first on animals and then on a human, roared their approval.

You can actually view the attack of Will Watson against Janet by going to 
You can see the video footage and read about the attack in Janet Allan's own words.

A television news crew actually went looking for the Coward Will Watson at another rodeo following the attack, and they found him. But Watson denied being who he was, started trying to shake the reporters by repeatedly changing from one cowboy Halloween costume to another, and then when cornered, the coward finally ran away. Will Watson really showed himself up for what he is a Coward!

The attack against Janet Allan happened over five months ago. I wish I could tell you that Australian justice dealt harshly with Will Watson the Coward for his crime, but that's not what happened. Unfortunately, the local Police Minister thinks the Coward should get off with a mere warning! Gee, looks like the Rodeo Mafia can find corrupt government officials everywhere! Therefore, I am asking you to contact the South Australian Premier, the Honourable Mike Rann at [email protected] to try to get appropriate charges brought again Will Watson the Coward.

We are intent on putting video footage of not only Australian animal abuse on our website in the next few weeks, but also the attack against Janet Allan. We will show the vicious Rodeo Mafia up for what it is. But while we continue the struggle to relieve the suffering rodeo animal victims, let's hope that some small amount of justice will at least occur for the human victims of these cowardly phony cowboys.

Please do forward us any response you may receive.

Kindest Regards,
Steve Hindi
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
PO Box 28
Geneva IL 60134

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