Animal Writes
From 4 September 2005 Issue

I Can't See the Forest for the Bush
By Greg Lawson - [email protected]

The wild lands and wildlife of our country have never faced a bigger threat than they do under Resident Bush. The Roadless Rule of the Clinton administration was meant to protect our national forests and the wildlife that live there, but the current regime has continually degraded that rule. The US Interior Department's environmental impact statement on oil development in western Alaska included the statement "The term 'roadless' does not mean an absence of roads. Rather, it indicates an attempt to minimize the construction of permanent roads." Thus, in typical Bush administration doublespeak, the Roadless Rule becomes the Less Roads suggestion.

In July, the National Forest Service put up another roadblock to the Roadless Area Conservation Rule by requiring governors to petition for protection for national forests. The Forest Service said to the state governments in effect, "Do you really want to protect the national forest public lands in your state, do you want the mining, logging and oil industries to know how you stand against them? It's out of our hands now. It's up to you, just fill out the following forms in triplicate." I hope they use recycled paper, if they bother.

Please send a letter (save paper, send an email) to Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth, your state governor, and your representatives in Congress urging that the Forest Service lives up to its mission of protecting our wilderness areas. Ask that the original purpose of the Roadless Rule be maintained.

Write or send an email to Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth

Dale Bosworth, Chief USDA, Forest Service
PO Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090

email: [email protected] 

For more information, please visit these websites....

It's up to us to speak for the wildlife, if we want to continue to hear their voices. What would the world be like without wild sound? Without birdsong? The grunts of the bison? The howl of the wolves? The evening melody of the crickets?
With only the rustle of a Bush?

Remember, the last time a group of people listened to a Bush they were lost in the wilderness for forty years. Let's just pray there will be a wilderness for us to be lost in.

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