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20 November 2000 Issue


For some time now the fur trapping industry has been testing traps, that are commonly accepted as cruel, in what they call Best Management Practice (BMP) tests.

In a booklet put out to explain the need for this research, it was stated no less than 7 times in the opening pages that trappers need to BMP's for public relations purposes.

The trappers have told the public that these studies are done to determine the most humane traps, but tell themselves they need these studies to "prove" that their traps are acceptable.

Information has been circulated that the studies were giving results that would only do damage to the trappers. Rumor has it that the studies on raccoons in leghold traps were producing particularly gory results.

In the September/October issue of American Trapper we get some insight into just how the trappers plan to deal with this.

David Sollman, president of the National Trappers Association, stated that the first draft of the raccoon studies has been delayed. The NTA wants further research so they can get a different result.

Sollman then said that "NTA has presented its own protocols to test raccoon traps, and the BMP Work Group has agreed to discover if our version will produce different results this year."

In other words, studies funded by trapping interests and carried out by trappers produced results that are embarrassing to trappers. Therefore, the trappers are going to modify the protocols, do new studies, and try and come up with more PR friendly results.

When it comes to playing loose and fast with the facts, the trappers are the best. When it comes to distorting science, no one tops the trappers.

In fact, trappers are claiming that a proposed leghold trap ban in Oregon would ban holding chutes for cattle. This is a ridiculous claim even for a trapper. Since when has a holding chute for cattle fallen under the definition of a "body gripping trap"?

No claim is beneath these guys.

It is important that any readers who will engage in campaigns to stop cruel fur trapping print out this email, and save it.

These BMP studies will be twisted to suit the trappers needs, and they will be used against those who want to protect wildlife.

We must be armed with the facts so that we can present the truth when this occurs.

Those who want to slaughter American wildlife for what amounts to market hunting are not above distorting the truth to maintain the status quo.

Let's not let them fool anyone.

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