Corey's Saga ~ A Trilogy

1996 (Part 1)
The Pet Store 1996
by [email protected] 

My name is Corey
And here's my story.

Just outside town -
Don't know which one -
I was born
On a Sunday morn.

One day while playin'
Beside my mama,
A man came by
Took my brothers and I.

He brought us to town,
And he gave us
To a man who paid
To take us away.

Brought to a mall -
Somewhere, USA.
A pet store I was told -
To be bought and sold.

I stayed there a while
'Til Winter came.
I learned the ropes -
Be cute and have hopes.

My brothers all left
One by one,
And I was alone
At night, how I'd moan.

Then, one day
As I was lookin' sad,
A man looked at me
And said, "How much is he?"

I was taken from my cage
And put into a box.
As we drove, I fell asleep
Dreaming of the home I'd see.

I dreamed of children
And a bowl with my name.
A backyard to run
And playin' in the sun.

COREY'S SAGA ~ A Trilogy 1996 (Part 2)
The Gift 1996

My name is Corey
And here's my story.

I was bought at a store
Where pets are sold.
I traveled by car
To somewhere - not far.

I was taken from
My box with holes
And placed on the floor
With papers, which I tore.

The door was shut
To my little room -
Dark and lonely -
Alone he left me.

I started to whimper
To no avail
And slowly dozed
'Til the sun rose.

Again, he came
And put me in a box -
With bow and ribbon trim
And a tag that read "TIM".

We went in the car
And drove away.
We stopped after a while -
Maybe a few miles.

Lookin' through a hole, I see;
We went into a house.
On the floor I go - PLOP -
And someone lifted the top.

"Merry Christmas!" He said.
As I sprang from my box,
I wagged my tail
And barked and wailed.

Meanwhile, the man
Who brought me had left,
Leaving me with them
And their little boy, Tim.

COREY'S SAGA ~ A Trilogy 1996 (Part 3)
The Pound 1996

My name is Corey
And here's my story.

Christmas came
And Christmas went.
A gift to Tim
But not for them.

"No" and "Don't" - they say;
So, I bark at them
"But I'm just a puppy!" -
They misunderstand me.

They sat Tim down.
"We can't keep him, Son,"
One of them said -
Words I would soon dread.

"What can we do;
Where will he go?"
"He'll go to the pound
Back in town."

They put me back
Into my box
And drove me away.
I couldn't stay.

When we stopped,
There was a sign - "SHELTER".
They gave me to a lady;
She said, "Another gift, I see".

They tried to explain -
I wouldn't learn.
What a lie
They didn't try!

The lady took me;
Said I'll be OK
As she put me in a cage
With another my age.

I asked "Buster"
How he got here.
He said, "Same old story -
Christmas gift, Corey".

I told him my story
He said he knew.
I said, "I tried -
Why did they lie?"

Buster says,
"Folks give pets as gifts
'Cause their kids are happy
Holding a kitty or puppy".

"When they've had enough,
They bring us here -
To look cute, hope and wait
Now who knows our fate."

Buster says the pound
Is like a pet store.
Only when it's your time,
You cross the Line.

The Line - the doorway
To the room of no return.
Gone for eternity -
But I'm just a puppy!

Written by: Robyn L. Stacey
Date: January 1996

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