For Cleo

My heart is in the frost, little one, for thou hast left me,
and gone to the land where walks already thy mother and all thy kin.
Thou hast left me alone to mourn thee, my little girl,
and I will not be comforted.

Six short years thou dwelt with me, and I loved thee always,
I knew no other like unto thee - forever will thy place be empty.
Forever wilt thy presence be missed, and always will there be sadness
when thoughts of our loss do come.
I have seen thee, my little one, in a dream;
Thou wast in a place I knew not; a field, with golden grass -
Thou looked at me, thy eyes bright, thy face happy, but asking
"Why dost thou not follow me?"
Thou disappeared into the grass, and I have seen thee not again.
Forgive me, little one, for thy last hours, that I was not there -
Forgive me that you met death in the arms of strangers.
That grieveth me so I cannot tell thee, but I could not do otherwise -
Know that had I believed you that close I would have been with thee.

Thou wast with me during the times that tried heart and soul,
but thou didst not live to see the sun rise upon us.
Would that you could be with us now that the tide has finally turned!
I miss thee with each day, and look to your haunts, and hope to find you.

Old age will finally dim both sight and mind,
but memory of thee will last throughout -
I pray God of His infinite mercies to let me see you again
when it is my turn to cross the border.

Oh, how I hope that thou woke to find thyself with the Maker!
I hope that now He rubs your soft ears as I used to do!
I pray that one day we shall be together again
If it is His will.

Then know, my beloved, that truly thou wilt not be forgotten -
Truly, you live on in heart and mind.
Thy tiny body wilt be buried in the plot where we shall one day rest
In the hope that on a brighter day we will all be together again forever.


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