Grandma, Dear Gran'ma
By Maria Tarquinio - [email protected] 

She was big, and slow,
and her head hung low,
as she moved slowly
along Bee Ridge Road.

She stopped, hot, on tired feet,
then slowly crossed the street.
She was limping back the other way,
when a car stopped beside her that day.

Softly "Hello sweetie, let's be friends,"
but this big tired dog didn't look either way;
then slow brown eyes turned to the woman,
and here's what those eyes seemed to say...

"I'm sad, life's hard, I'm aching all over.
I don't know quite where to go.
I don't know what you want with me...
I'm too tired for you, so please go."

"You're a sweet old girl, and I really do care;
here's my hand, may I stroke your red hair?
Oh thank you, I really need a friend too,
come into my car, I'll be good to you."

"Come on sweetheart, can you lift up your head?
Alright, I'll kneel down and look up instead.
Do your eyes have a sparkle that you can show me?
Come with me and I'll heal the sadness I see."

"Good, good, that's the way, get all the way in;
not just half in the car, sweet dear.
Oh, I see, you're not able to raise your back legs;
I'll help...Now you look so nice sitting here."

"This good vet' thinks you've been hit twice by a car;
injured spine causes pain, a hind leg won't walk far.
With gentle hands Dr. Paxson found every ache,
now you'll learn the relief her medicine can make."

"I found your humans and they told me,
you tend to get around,
when they shut their business and daily go,
leaving you lonely on unfenced ground."

"We had a big talk between them and me,
and the news is good you see,
you'll be living with us for evermore,
with a name of your own, in my family."

Months pass and you lift up your old head now,
eyes glow and show love's spark;
not so slow, always sweet, and it's very clear,
you're the Grandma dog in this family here.

Rest your big head on me, old dog;
we Tarquinios love you so much,
and we dogs, cats, and people thank our Maker above,
for Grandma, dear Gran'ma; bless your future, all our love.

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