I Wish.................
by Guila Manchester

I wish I knew it wasn't real
That little calves turn into veal.
I wish that bulls could find relief
From always ending up as beef.
I wish that cows could eat and moo
And not be pieces in a stew.
I wish that goats could play and bleat
And not turn into hunks of meat.
I wish that chickens just laid eggs
Instead of being thighs and legs.
I wish that ducks could simply quack
And not be used to make a snack.

I wish that geese could honk and hiss
And butcher's blocks forever miss.
I wish that turkeys, fat or thinner,
Did not end up as someone's dinner.
I wish that sheep could just make wool
And not make someone's tummy full.
I wish that lambs could run and play
And not end on a grocer's tray.
I wish that horses never knew
The things they use in making glue.
I wish that pigs could live and mate
And not be pork chops on a plate.

But since all people have to eat
And some, at least, require meat,
I'll try to make one wish come true
And ask for help from each of you.
That while they live, their lives be free
From every form of cruelty.
And death be quick and clean and sure
And pain the least that they endure.
For every creature born to live
Deserves the joy that life can give.
And when the time for death draws near
Deserves to die with little fear.

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