Prelude to a kiss… of Death:
Or : They Die Bit by Bit:

by [email protected]

The stunning machine sputters.
Should we stop production!

Of course not!

So we miss a few
Who cares,

ASPCA wont know!
HFA & PETA they'll will never know,
Nor any of the other Do-Gooders!

It's a lost cause anyway!
Unless there's a rat in the Abattoir!

Any how line them up


On conveyor
Up on one leg

Oops !

We missed this one
Still kicking & flailing

Eyes a bulge


Cannot stop
The green-back's machine must keep rolling!

Gotta feed the kids,
you know.

Have my beer & Brat relax
Away from this blood & gore.

Cut off the legs & skin the hide

Its still alive!

Hell !!

I know !
I know!
What to do?

Why can't they fix the stunning machine
or have two

Are you kidding!
We've got to hit rate

2000 per shift!

The Belly ripper
De- Horner is next!

Oh my God!
It's Still alive

Watch it Don't step there
Blood is gushing out!

What to do!
What to do!!

I know
We've got to do something!
But the public wont pay an extra nickel for hamburger!

So they die bit by bit
Limb by limb they die
Sometimes 25 minutes later
At the tail ripping station!

We've gotta do something
Tomorrow we'll think of something.

Now let me sleep
2 more hours
I am back

In the Killing room.

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