The Incredible Edible Egg
By [email protected] 

Yes I am
the incredible edible egg!
No remorse in my consumption
Even Veggies say its OK!
Nice & oval slightly heavy in Cholesterol
But then I was intended for a slightly different purpose!

Ever wondered whether old MacDonald took me
from the nest under the shade of the bramble bush-
Leaving half for the propagation of the species?
Where mother hen roam the range & day follows night
No ! No! this is not so!
No free range.

Factories; Huge Factories
millions of eggs Per Day Rolling off of conveyor belts
Cages 4 by 6 inches per hen 8 to a cage!
Farmer MacBusinessman
Is upset
Hen's fight
So "Off with their beaks & claws:"
MacInventor patented the debeaking machine

Hot knives cut through bone muscle & cartilage!
Just lay eggs not to worry!!
In no more pain than if your nails were yanked out!
But never mind
lay eggs & lay more eggs
Bred genetically to lay five times more eggs than the average of the species!
Egg laying comes in cycles
Disrupted and restarted if no food & water for up to 18 days- called molting!

Bill in Illinois house last year
Humane Society to stop debeaking & molting
Defeated 11 to 0!!
Again this year!
Make more money! More MUNNNNNNEY!!
So you can enjoy them for a pittance a dozen !
Farm Fresh the ad's say
But they roll off the slanted wire mesh the 8 hens share!
Lights turned on off every 6 hours - speeds up production!

Yes there's more!
So You think there's no blood in the eggs
You're dead Wrong!
All Layer hens are slaughtered & replaced every year or so!
Half the layer fertilized eggs are males!
MacBusinessman has no use for them cannot be bred into broilers
So minute's old male chicks go into a plastic bag
One dropping onto another-
Suffocating! Yes Suffocating!

But there couldn't be too many you ask!
Every year 300 million!
But MacBusinessman wanted it done faster
Use decompression chamber.
They Explode!!
Collected as fodder for the mink farms!

As for us
Enjoy the delicate texture of the cake & pastry
Man's handshake with nature
To share in nature's largesse
A farce!

Yes I am
The incredible edible egg
Color me red!

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