Dialogue, Not Dominance, Wins Over Dogs - And Saves Their Lives, Too
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SBH Clay
November 2005

One woman's mission to spare dogs a death sentence – or a life of misery and confusion - revolutionizes human-canine communication and restores sanity to dogs and their "parents" worldwide.  

Table of Contents

Part 1 - IntroDialogue, Not Dominance, Wins Over Dogs - And Saves Their Lives, Tooducing Dialogue

Part 2 - Study

Part 3 - Original Thought and Observation

Part 4 - Invention

Part 5 - In the December 2004 issue, a Connecticut resident wrote:

Part 6 - In the March 2005 issue, the parent of a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier wrote:

Part 7 - In the June 2005 issue, a New Jersey resident who completed the two-day training in Moore's weekend clinic in the Garden State wrote:

Part 8 - Here’s another success story in the June 2005 newsletter

Part 9 - In the September 2005 issue, three Denver women wrote

Judy Moore's 180-page book Dogs Deserve Dialogue: Rover Should Hang on Your Words, NOT on Your Leash and companion videotape Right Solution Dog Training are available from Tyke Publishing, P.O. Box 4132, Buena Vista CO 81211 or online at www.helpyourdog.com

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