God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
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Chapter Five: More Fertile Land, More Prosperous Farmers



The following morning Brad was anxious to present a considerable amount of information proving how much better off farmers are now compared to before 2008.

“Today in 2065, most of the world’s massive hunger problems have been solved. In 2001 approximately twenty million people worldwide died as a result of malnutrition, one child every 2.3 seconds. In 2064 less than fifty thousand deaths resulted from starvation, mostly in remote villages throughout Africa and India. Prior to 2008, raising livestock for meat was a very inefficient way of generating food. Pound for pound, far more resources were expended to produce meat than to produce grains, fruits, and vegetables. For example, more then half of all the water used in the United States was consumed in livestock production. While twenty-five gallons of water are enough to produce a pound of wheat, five thousand gallons were needed to produce a pound of California beef. The same five thousand gallons of water can now produce two hundred pounds of wheat.

“Meat eating was devouring oil reserves at an alarming rate. It used to take nearly seventy-eight calories of fossil fuel energy (from oil, natural gas, etc.) to produce one calorie of beef protein and only two calories of fossil fuel energy to produce one calorie of soybean protein. If we had not stopped meat consumption in the United States in 2008, and if every human had eaten a meat-centered diet, the world’s known oil reserves would have lasted about 13 years. Now in 2065, if most of the people living in meat eating countries in the world can soon be persuaded to begin following our non-meat-eating ways, these same oil reserves could last 260 years.

“Studies were often performed on the effects of chemicals in meat. Unknown to most meat eaters, the United States produced meat containing dangerously high quantities of deadly pesticides, and 99 percent of U.S. mother’s milk contained significant levels of DDT.

“Contamination of breast milk in meat-eating mothers, due to chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in animal products, was found to be thirty-five times higher than in vegetarian mothers. Today in 2065 because of the 2007 NCP (No Chemical Pesticides) Act, zero percent of U.S. vegetarian mothers’ milk contains DDT.

“Now farmers are far more prosperous because farmland has not been used to feed cattle for slaughter for nearly fifty-seven years. In 2001 about 56 percent of all U.S. farmland was devoted to beef production; to produce each pound of beef required sixteen pounds of edible grain and soybeans. Much of that same farmland is now used to produce vast amounts of corn, wheat, soybeans, fruits and vegetables for human consumption.

“Another example is how our potato farmers that used to be cattle farmers are prospering. Farmers that once produced 250 pounds of beef per acre now utilize their land to produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes per acre. The huge increase worldwide in the farmer’s production and distribution of natural foods has just about eliminated starvation.

“Soybean farmers have enjoyed a major increase in sales because of the huge demand for soymilks and a large variety of soy-based foods. Textured vegetable protein and tofu had replaced many animal meat dishes such as hamburgers, steaks, chicken, pork, and fish.

“The No Chemical Pesticides Act also legislated that no farmland could be sprayed with harmful chemicals. Instead, beginning in 2007 highly concentrated mixtures of organically grown vegetable-based products such as garlic and pepper were developed and sprayed over all U.S. cropland. These new procedures for producing pure organically grown foods were very successful at repelling insects without killing them. The procedure immediately began removing harmful chemicals from all farm produce.

“Trees, especially old-growth forests, are essential to the survival of the planet. Their destruction was a major cause of global warming and topsoil loss. Meat eating was the number one driving force behind the destruction of those forests.

“By 2001 the years of huge continuous destruction had resulted in the clearing of about 260 million acres of U.S. forest for cropland to produce the meat-centered American diet. To produce each quarter pound of rainforest beef required the consumption of 55 square feet of tropical rainforest. By 2001 about 75 percent of all U.S. topsoil had been lost. Eighty-five percent of that loss was directly related to livestock raising.

“During the same period, to keep up with U.S. consumption, approximately 300 million pounds of meat was imported annually from Central and South America. Those economic incentives impelled those nations to cut down their forests to make more pastureland for animals. Another devastating result of deforestation was the loss of plant and animal species. Between 1991 and 2001 nearly a thousand species were eliminated each year.

“Prior to 2008, the escalating loss of species, the destruction of ancient rainforests to create pastureland for livestock, the loss of topsoil, and the increase of impurities in water and air were all traced back to the single fact of meat in the human diet.

“In 2008 mother earth began to slowly lick her wounds. Now most of the problematic trends have been reversed and have been in a slow constant remission.

“In our world today, because of fifty-seven years of not killing animals to consume meat, most countries comprised of people that do not eat meat have much healthier rejuvenated land.

“In 2011 the temperature of the earth stopped rising. Global warming, also referred to as the greenhouse effect, was caused primarily by carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas. Prior to 2008, three times more fossil fuels were burned to produce a meat-centered diet compared to a meat-free diet. Currently in 2065, because of nearly fifty-seven years of billions of people around the world not eating meat, global temperatures have dropped significantly and the threat of higher temperatures has vastly diminished.

“Thank you for listening to my presentation today. Tomorrow my subject will be the incredible abilities of service and companion animals, focusing on the benefits they provide to handicapped and non-handicapped people.”

That evening Brad met Alyssa at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant in Laguna Niguel. Brad planned to propose to Alyssa and present her with an engagement ring, so the evening needed to be as special as possible. They each drank a few glasses of wine and began eating a delicious meal. Then they spent most of the evening joking, laughing, and reminiscing about memories of their childhood days. As desert was being served, Brad wanted to begin expressing his feelings for Alyssa.

When she returned from a visit to the ladies room Brad said to her, “I should wear an oxygen mask when I see you because you are breathtaking.”

Alyssa responded, “Save your breath for when we are alone, you naughty boy.”

“Alyssa, there is something I have wanted to say to you for quite a while, and I thought tonight might be an appropriate time.”

“You’re going to tell me one of your silly jokes, right?” Alyssa asked.

“This will not be a joke, even though it may sound a little corny.”

“Okay, I’m ready. Go ahead.”

“For a long time I have tried to put into words what it is that is so special about you, and why you are so important to me,” Brad began.

“We have spent many hours together discussing our opinions on many subjects. I remember the day we spent together last summer when we walked on the beach just before dawn. If you recall, we ate breakfast while we watched the sun’s brightly shining rays slowly light up the ocean and were spellbound watching two rainbows that suddenly appeared. It was a windy day and there was a light misty rain that seemed to accentuate the fragrances from nearby flowering gardens.

“If my memory is correct we walked near the ocean for a few hours, and then drove to a large animal sanctuary. We admired many species of animals and their offspring. I remember thinking that no animal on earth has more natural peerless beauty then the Black Panther we saw whose majestic glowing eyes seemed to stare right through us. At dusk we sat on the beach to watch the red sun as it seemed to slowly disappear into the blue, windswept waves of the ocean.

“That was just a small example of the unparalleled beauty of nature, a beauty that has existed for millions of years. Alyssa, if God had decided to capture a small portion of all the beauty that nature has to offer and manifest that beauty into the form of a human, that person would look just like you. God must have been thinking of this beauty when you were created. You are one of God’s most alluring magnificent productions.”

Alyssa and Brad stared at each other for a moment. Alyssa could think of nothing to say in response.

Brad continued, “Therefore, because you are the most beautiful, most generous, kindest, funniest, and most intelligent person I will ever know, it is with nervous apprehensive pleasure that I ask you to accept this ring as my proposal of marriage.”

Now Alyssa could not hold back her emotions. With a big smile and tears in her eyes, she affectionately hugged Brad as she put the ring on her finger. “Bradford! you sneak! The ring is beautiful, and you already know you are the person I want to spend the rest of this life with—and beyond, I hope. My answer to your proposal is a very big yes!” They hugged and exchanged a few short kisses then enthusiastically talked about wedding plans while they slowly finished their dessert.

After spending the next few hours with Alyssa at her home Brad said goodnight and began a twenty minute drive to his home. He began thinking how nice it would be to get home and have a quiet, sound sleep. Shortly after arriving home Brad began reading the newspaper in bed and then fell to sleep in about fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, halfway through the night his peaceful rest was interrupted by the same old nightmares and the pleasant sleep changed to horrible mind flashes of animals being tortured again.

As the dream continued, he somehow found himself at sunup standing in a woods filled with deer that were about to be hunted. The most bizarre part of the dream was that Brad had become a marksman with a high-powered rifle in his hand. This new found talent combined with his deep-rooted compassion for all animal life now made him sense the urgent necessity to do whatever it would take to prevent the deer from being killed.

The next scene in the dream revealed Brad beginning to aim his rifle at a hunter and lining up the sight. Then suddenly he realized that he could not pull the trigger. It was not in his nature to kill. He realized he would have to do something else to protect the deer. The only thing he could think of was to start firing his rifle in the air hoping to scare off as many deer as possible. He pointed the rifle to the sky and began firing indiscriminately, which caused the deer to scatter rapidly. The hunters were also alarmed and confused by the gunfire and retreated quickly.

During the confusion, Brad ran inside a nearby barn and tried to hide in a hayloft. He listened to the sounds of commotion for about thirty minutes, then suddenly everything seemed to quiet down. When it looked and seemed like the coast was clear, Brad began to sneak out of the barn. Just then large floodlights were flashed at him that made him stop abruptly.

A voice yelled out, “You are surrounded by police. We have guns pointed at you! Lay your rifle on the ground, and then put your hands behind your head.”

Just then Brad woke up from the dream, shaking and sweating profusely. He had never known the feeling of a momentary desire to kill, or the fear from almost being killed, and it sickened him. Even more frightening was that the dream seemed way too real.

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