Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Scott Jackson - 27 Sep 2006

I saw it while browsing through some random internet sites. I've always been concerned about ethical treatment of animals and the pictures speak thousands of words. I'm not a fan of using the bible and religious quotes to sell morality, but it doesn't bother me much if used every now and then to back up a point. My dad and I raise buffalo and we do butcher and eat them. However, we raise them in a single herd of 400 animals on a bit over 1000 acres. They live in family groups naturally, much like how elephants organize themselves. Our animals have good lives much like an old style farm but with even more emphasis on letting them have a family and social atmosphere. We field slaughter them one at a time by leading one butcher size bull away with a little grain (they're completely grass-fed otherwise) and we kill it quickly with a high powered rifle shot behind the ear. The animal takes maybe two breaths at most after it's shot and is a very quick and clean way of killing. I wish the care and consideration my dad and I exercise was the norm for meat production but I know it sadly is not. As such, we can't compete with the large feedlot type producers but we have people who buy meat from us simply because we treat our animals with respect and care. I admit that I've eaten chicken meat that no doubt has come from factories like those pictured in the website. It's not easy to find farm raised chickens that were raised in open fields with grass and good living conditions and there's no eating places within 150 miles of where I live that serves meats that have been ethically produced. It's unfortunate that money talks so loudly in the food industry.

Scott J.

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