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Our Nature Study Section
Comments by Marie - 29 May 2010

In Reference to: Catalpa, Northern - Flowering Trees, Bushes and Shrubs of Sleepy Hollow Lake

Thanks so much for your web page.

I have grown up around the Northern Catalpa and no one ever knew what the name of the tree was. We had 3 of them in the back yard of our “triple decker” in Boston. I used to pick its flowers from our third floor porch.

I moved from that home in 1975, 22 years later I had a home built in Attleboro, MA and the realtor pointed out that I had a “unique” tree in my yard. Imagine my surprise to find it was the same tree that my grandparents had planted in our yard back in Boston so many years ago (Seeing them in pictures I know that they were saplings during WWII).

For years I’ve wondered what they were called. I’m told that you can’t plant them in Massachusetts anymore, a shame because they are truly beautiful.

I choose to believe that the fact that the tree was here waiting for me was my grandparents way of saying “Welcome home.”

Thanks again,