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Our Nature Study Section
Comments by Sumayyah - 3 Jun 2010

In reference to: Growing a Papaya Tree from Seed

I enjoyed your article on papaya growing.

We live in the Republic of Panama and have found it easy to grow these trees yet very difficult to get the fruit down from the tree without breaking your nail or finger. Our papaya are very big.

We were recently told how to reduce the height of the tree and still let it produce fruit. Try this: About 9-12 inches above the ground drive a nail thru the tree trunk. Remove it and then do the same 1/4 way around the trunk. So that the holes cross. We are thrilled to have 9 papayas on one tree which we can reach with a small ladder for removal soon. The trees which we did not do this are 9 feet taller and we will be lucky if we can even get the fruit. Believe me it works!

Sumayyah in Bocas del Toro, Panama