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Our Nature Study Section
Comments by Therese - 17 Sep 2010

In reference to: Fleabane

I like what you said about fleabanes.

I found your site through Google when I wanted to see photos of fleabane to compare them to the ones in our back yard. It is late September and we still have a big patch blooming beautifully!

Although my husband and I are of differing opinions about creation, he believes in evolution, and I do too, to a point, but mostly I believe in a Creator. To me? there is no other explanation to how beautiful the natural world is, and how everything balances itself so perfectly (that is until imperfect humans come along!)

We both believe in restoring our small plot of land to as natural and native a setting as possible. Each year, I dig up more lawn and put down more flowers and veggies.

We also leave large patches of clover to grow wild throughout the spring and summer. The bee population has taken a shocking dive, so we thought this was a good way to help out, as they are strongly attracted to the clover.

We also let big patches of fleabane grow too. Oh! and golden rod! Right now? if you look out almost any window of our home, you will see large areas of tall golden rods drooping over with heavy abundance of yellow beauty!

We do NOT use and chemicals on our lawn (or in our house!). I don't think the Creator would want us to purposefully poison his creations.

But I am curious, and this is mostly the reason I am sending this, is that you mention "We selectively string trim, to maintain a neat appearance..."

Can you explain in more detail what 'string trim' is? and how does one do so?

Thank you for your time!