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Our Nature Study Section
Comments by Geraldine - 20 Jan 2011

In reference to: Coriolus versicolor - The Fungus Among Us

Thank you so much for your reply.

And yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know the Lord doesn't hold it against us when we eat the creatures (I don't think He entirely agrees either, but we do have our free agency and our ability to choose and its not as bad as being a sneak or a thief, etc.), but I'm quite sure the earth is really fed up with us and our gluttonous appetites, speaking collectively.

I'm part way to vegan. I do have an egg now and again and a bit of cheese or fish but other than that I eat only vegetables and grains, etc.

I'm working my way into a raw food diet, not easy so far north. I'm quite sure the Lord will bless us more bountifully as we become more vegetarian.

I've always been impressed with the story of Daniel and his brothers and their diet of pulse. I eat quite a bit of sprouted pulse and its very sustaining.

Do you have any favorite raw food recipes that don't require fancy food from far away? I'd sure appreciate a few as I'm not that inventive in that department.

God bless you in your work. It is of great worth to the rest of us.

Would you happen to know of a good book on wild food sources?

Thanks ever so much, and have a wonderful 2011.

Thanks very much,

Geraldine in Canada