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FROM Heidi Coon
October 2021

Time to ban hunting!

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Hunters claim deer have a right to a natural life, but also claim that deer do not have the right to a natural death.

What is a natural death for a deer?

-predator food



-old age

-winter [dependent upon food; deer can keep body temperature up, but if caloric intake is less than metabolic rate, they will die]


It’s ok for a deer to be a deer, as long as that deer is reserved venison.

If a pack of hungry coyote kill a deer, it is not venison - it’s barbaric, & cruel.

If the habitat doesn’t produce enough food to support the size of a deer herd, weaker deer do not perish as venison - it’s horrible suffering.

In order for deer to be deer, they must be venison.

If a coyote snags a fawn, that’s not the circle of life venison-it’s savage.

Cockamamie Elmer logic.

Venison is a word derived from a 13th century French word ‘venesoun’ which means ‘meat from deer or boar’, and ‘hunt’.

Part of the natural life of being a prey animal, is to be preyed upon. Is this really difficult for hunters to grasp?

Of course not, but only if they are the ‘predator’.

They’ll have no other predators before, alongside, behind…etc.

Deer are equipped to defend themselves against natural predators;

They can sprint upwards of 30mph

They can jump 10 feet high and 30 feet wide in one bound

They can jump over obstacles that many predators would have to maneuver around

They can kick, stomp, charge

Bucks have antlers they can use for offense/defense

These natural defenses [fight or flight] are no match for a projectile…whether in the form of an arrow or bullet.

Deer are not equipped to defend themselves against weapons. [especially modern weapons]

There is a willingness to hunt and kill natural predators, all the while claiming to do it in the name of protection of the animal they hold licenses to kill.

Any sense being made yet?

Many hunters have cried that I am a ‘deer hater’, or, that I am in favor of animal cruelty since I strongly oppose hunting.

They deluded themselves into believing they’re ‘saving’ future venison steaks from becoming sustenance for natural predators.


I oppose ANY domestic animal preying upon wildlife.

Humans are a domesticated animal.

I am strongly opposed to allowing cats to roam free outside as they decimate wild bird populations, & throw eco-systems out of whack.

That’s exactly what hunters do.

Domestic dogs aren’t allowed to chase deer…they can be shot for it.


Is it because they’re harassing wildlife. Threatening wildlife.

That’s what hunters do.

Hunters are speciesist, & supremacists.

Here’s some facts, kids -

Coyote have killed 2 people in North America since 1980. Your chances of being killed by a drunk driver, Walmart on Black Friday stampede, or by a hunter is greater than being killed by a coyote.

Wolves have killed zero people since 1900. Your chances of being killed in a freak slinky accident, self-immolation, the flu, or a hunter is staggeringly greater than being killed by a wolf.

Black bears have killed 61 people in North America since 1900. Your chances of being killed by a domestic dog, hornets, or a hunter are much greater. Your chances of being murdered are 60k times greater than being killed by a black bear.

Deer killed 120 people this year. In fact, deer kill more people than any other animal. This is due to car crashes. Guess what time a year deer/car collisions are highest? Hunting season.

One of the safest places a person can be is in the woods….unless it’s hunting season, or if a poacher is in your neck of the woods.

Time to ban hunting.

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