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DON'T Send a Cow, a Goat, or a Chicken..!

HIPPO have produced a timely alternative to the "alternative gifts" that are advertised everywhere in the approach to Christmas. Their self-adhesive stickers measure 64mm X 38mm, come in sheets of 21 with a cartoon cow picture, and are ideal for use in general mailing. The caption reads:

"A SILLY COW? Maybe. But not half as silly as people who send cows or goats to Africa. The hungry do not need more mouths to feed! Livestock waste precious land and water. Give aid that is sensible and sustainable. This Christmas - and throughout the year - please support HIPPO FOOD AID (Reg Charity 1075420). For information and free stickers contact HIPPO, The Old Vicarage, Llangynog, Carmarthen SA33 5BS".

Can we send you one or two sheets? They're free!

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