The Fellowship of Life
a Christian-based vegetarian network founded in 1973

Table of Contents


Why a Fellowship of Life?

100 Years earlier
A millennial reflection
Are Meatless Friday's the Shape of Things to Come?
"Burgers for Christ" - a personal view
Christian values and Vegetarianism
Christmas Carol Service
Dean's Yard
FoL Newsletter - 1990 (Transitional)
FoL Newsletter Excerpts by Margaret Lawson (1974-1989)
FoL Newsletter excerpts by Clare and Tom Harral (1991 - 2001)
God and Animals
God is a veggie, says booklet
Jewish philosophy of vegetarianism
Man and the Beasts
Nothing new under the Sun by John M. Gilheany
'Pebble in still water'
Religion and the Rights of Animals!
The Animals' Padre
The Better Way
The Christian and Animal Suffering
The last refuge for sin?
The Meaning of Love
The Theology of Vegetarianism
Vegetarian protests at Christmas slaughter of animals

Other Sources

A Bit Sentimental? by Desmond Albrow
A Christian approach to the animal world
A Christmas Message
'A Christmas message'
A civilising influence - Rev. Basil Wrighton and animal rights
A healthier diet
A new story of creation
A Message from the Bishop of Norwich
A place, through the looking glass . . .
A service for animals?
A theology of compassion
Adopting the greens alternative
All aboard the green bandwagon!
All creatures great and small
All Creatures Great and Small - 2
All God's Creatures
All life is one (Lilian Jones)
All life is one (T.L. Vaswani)
Ampleforth Boys' Hare Hunting 'Uncivilised'
An Address on St. Hubert
Animal aid - 1984
Animal Aid - 'Christmas means Cruelty' campaign 1983
Animal Aid 'Churches campaign' (1981)
Animal Aid worker hits at Clergy
Animal Christian Concern
Animal Experiments Bill 'not enough' by Annabel Miller
Animal heaven?
Animal liberation now - tomorrow may well be too late
Animal lover fights for life
Animal rights on the road to Rome
Animal Societies Banned from Church Service
Animal telepathy?
Animal Welfare and the Church
Animal Welfare: Church's 'Deafening Silence'
Animal Worship
Animals are our responsibility
Animals can't say no
Animals may have souls, says Primate
Animals or Children?
Animals packed in two by two by Clare Boylan
Animals' War Service
Anthony Bates' exhibition at Southwark Cathedral
Appeal to end cruelty to dogs
Archbishops accused of neutralising hunt debate
Are you a Demi-veg?
Batty about bats
Beastly treatment
Bishop joins animal protest
Bishop joins animal protest
The Bishop Speaks Out
Bishop speaks out against animal cruelty
Bishops unite to fight fur trade
Bishop urges animal rights code
British Catholics 'apathetic' over animal rights
Bournemouth turkey protest (1981)
'Burgers for Christ' - in Bristol
Cambridge Animal Aid report (1985)
Canon flays experiments on animals
CCC Welfare of Animals conference
Choose a Cruelty Free Christmas
Choose Cruelty-Free this Christmas (1987 campaign)
Christianity and animals - nasty strand
'Christian Herald': Editorials & letters (1983/84)
Christian meeting discusses Vegetarianism
Christians Awake!
Christians Debate Animal Welfare
Christmas Fast (1984)
Christmas Sacrifice (1980)
Christmas Without Cruelty in York (1985)
Church backs down on hunt blood money
Church hall demo over tests on animals
Church service disrupted by animal protest
Church silent over factory farms
Church Synod goes only halfway
Churches should back non-animal research
Churches under fire on animal welfare
CIWF Dinner on TV!
CREDO: Vegetarianism and the Bible
Cruelty-free Christmas march in Norwich (1982)
Daventry Nuns' Battery Hens
Protesters Free Nuns' Condemned Hens

All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small
Nuns built chapel with profits from cruelty
Nuns face demo over battery hens
Dean condemns Factory Farms
Dean denounces factory farming
Death Trap
'Dietethics - an ecological priority?'
'Does God love Animals?' - My Answer by Billy Graham
Dogged MP pins ban bid on poster – campaign offers a ray of hope for female deer
Dogs and cats are amazing mysteries - A sinner's murmurings
"Don't Eat Them"
Double evangelism is goal for animal welfare worker
Dying for Christmas
Easter and springtime
Easy on the Meat
'End the animal exports without violence'
'Fashion note: Bath'
Fasting Over Yuletide
Food for Thought and Animal Welfare
Form of cruelty
For pets that we see no longer
Free Range Bishop
GALILEE: Vegetarian Paradise
General Synod Debate on Animal Welfare
Gentle Giants - David Gunston looks at the sad story of whale hunting
God's creatures without life in wire cages
God’s Word and the Animal Cause
Going Bats
Greening the Church
Greyfriars Bobby
Gummer's (un)holy attack on vegetarianism
Her work is for animals
Hertfordshire rears a champion bullfighter
Hope for a true culture
Hospital bed
Hunters shot down by Duke
Hunting Parsons
Hunting vicar in church clash
Hunting row divides Christians
I.A.P.E.A. - London Conference report: 1984
'I miss my dog' - My Answer by Billy Graham
In defence of animal welfare
In pursuit of the uneatable
Interview with Lord Weatherill
It's not a sin to starve your dog says archbishop
Labour attack by animal activists
"Let's not be beastly to the animals"
Love the family, not just the whales, says London Bishop
Mad cows put on moral menu
Man fined after hunting demo at cathedral
Man or beast – prevent or cure
Man Takes Over From God ! !
Man the enemy
Man's Best Friend
May safely graze?
Medieval Sheep Drive - a day we will never forget
Men and animals
Morals on a plate
MP Defends support for animals Bill
'Nick the Devil!' - 'Satan' Nigel's demo upsets hunting vicar - by Peter Kane
No doffing caps on this manor!
No fur coats in Bath Abbey?
No help for dove from above
Not by bread alone . . .
Oh! for a Church militant!
On the origins of moral choice
Our Civilization’s Muddled Relationship to Other Creatures
Our dumb citizens
Our wounded planet
Over 400 parade on World Day for Animals (1970)
Packing up the school hound dogs
Papal Audience for bullfighters
Peace & Goodwill
PEN POWER: Slow torture down on the farm
'PETA campaign coverage'
Why every ad-man keeps a Bible close at hand
Turin Shroud in veggie campaign
Both sides see red over orange Falls Rd advert
Advertisers flout ban in Belfast City
Go 'veggie' for Christ
Bloody Easter card 'ill judged'
Meat is off Supper menu
Plea to the Pope
'Police break up sit-in'
Pope concedes souls to animals
Port Vigil
Priest has pigeons shot
Proclamation nailed to Cathedral door
Pursuit of choice may be death of us all
REFLECTION: Bishop John Baker
REFLECTION: Jon Wynne-Tyson
REFLECTIONS on the fight for justice for animals
Religion, Science and Animals by Rajan Hoole
Religion to the defence of creation
'Respect for all creation'
Rights, Ethics, Awe and Reverence
Roosters reprieved
Rough ride for opponents of hunting
Row over no meat for Last Supper diners
Ruth and the ruthless
Sean, parish’s best friend
Sermon for St. Francis' Day (1976)
Silent vigil - York Minster
Some Christians DO CARE
SPEAK FOR THE ANIMALS - Animal Rights: a non-secular perspective
St. Francis
St. Francis' Day - 4th October 1983
St. Melangell and her Celtic Christianity
Star interest for St. Francis's Day
Stewards of God's Creation
Stop rape of our planet by David Alton
Storrington Priory Veal Calves
Animal lovers in church farm fury
Ex-worker speaks out on veal farm
Monks' veal farm for sale
Priory veal?
Suffering saints' days
Synod delays hunting decision
Take the plunge - bite the lentil by Alice Thomas Ellis
Tally ho! Demo mob hound the hunting parson by Alan Gordon
Temptation to act as tyrant over the rest of creation
The Bible and Vegetarianism
The Bishop of Dover on live exports (1995)
The Church and Animal Welfare
The Church and Animals
The Church of the Future
The cry of the Earth
The ethics of meat-eating
The Greening of the Church
The Hunting of the Wren
The last hurrah for fox hunters?
The other side of religion
The President did not need to wear a mask
The Saint who was one of us
'The Universe' - Debate (1997)
The Vegetarian (Editorial)
The Woolman Way
The Wynne-Tyson effect
They asked for a sermon
Towards the Vegan Ideal of Genesis
Unknown cost of the pillage of our planet
'Unnecessary pain': Church comes out against hunting
Vati-cats in miaow row
Vegetarianism - "UnBiblical" (1990 Press)
Gummer's words are minced
Biblical roasting for meat-eating minister
Speaker calls in St Paul
Vegetarianism and the Early Church
Veggies bring out the animal
Warning to the human locust
WCC Report stirs up the churches
We have a dream
We're not Biffi's beastly revelation!
Whale Rescue
What are our animals telling us?
What Christ meant when he said: 'Feed my sheep'
Where is religion?
Why meat dishes aren't for me...
Wild mammals law
'Will there be animals in heaven?'
Without Portfolio
World Day of Prayer
World Population Conference 1974
WCC Conference urges respect for animals
York Minster

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