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Dear friend

This letter is born of a joint initiative by the Christian Vegetarian Association UK and Kindness Unlimited but we are making an appeal to all vegetarian Christians to unite with us in positive action. We feel that the time is right for those of us who fit that description to begin to have a stronger influence in the churches. We need to speak out loudly and clearly in defence of the planet God has given us and all the living beings in it. You do not need to belong, or intend to belong, to either of our organisations in order to respond to this call.

The time is right!

Many of us have been trying for years to get our fellow Christians to take our vegetarian principles seriously with varying degrees of success. Changing attitudes is often a gradual and slow process and requires patience and perseverance on our part.

What is different now is that the problems caused by the meat culture are becoming more pronounced and obvious, and more urgent. Though cruelty to animals will remain the prime motivator for many of us, other issues are beginning to carry weight - such as the changing climate, loss of bio-diversity, droughts, floods, famines, sickness and disease, food injustice, and water shortage.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for our fellow religionists to escape from the fact that livestock farming is a significant contributor to all these problems. Yet many still do not know the facts even though they have been confirmed and publicized by reports such as the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation's 'Livestock's Long Shadow'*. Most of the organisations which should be helping to create awareness of these facts are attempting to hide from them and to hide them from their members and supporters. (* more information available about this report on request).

It's up to us!

So it is up to vegetarians like us to shed the light and dispel the ignorance. With increasing concern about the environment in the churches and in society at large we are being presented with many opportunities to do so, and we must seize them. Some of you are already doing this in your own church and community. There are also national events at which our views should be represented. One recent example was the Christian Aid walk on the 'Cut the Carbon' theme and the series of Rallies along the 1000-mile route from Belfast to London. In Birmingham, in Cardiff, and in London, there was a very small group of vegetarian Christians, no more than three or four people in each case, who lobbied the other walkers and bystanders with placards and leaflets basically on the theme of "Cut the Methane, Cut the meat!" Although they were few in number they were definitely well noticed and made their mark.

Climate Change Demonstration

The next big opportunity to make a witness will be in London on 8th December when there is to be a demonstration organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change. This will be part of a worldwide campaign on that day and it should attract considerable media interest. It will also be a great opportunity to demonstrate our concern as Christians for the environment and the effect that global warming will have on us all and upon the poor especially, and to state our conviction that humans must stop eating animals. We can help dispel the widely held belief that Christians don't care much about these things and at the same time encourage church leaders to reconsider their generally unsympathetic position regarding vegetarianism. So we sincerely hope that there will be enough vegetarian Christians there this time to make a real impression.

Note that their will be coaches going up to the demonstration from many places so check out if there will be transport from your own area.

Please send us your views

We need your views and feedback to effectively choose and plan future campaigns, so please help us by completing the attached questionnaire. Your views are important to us and will also give us an indication of the number of vegetarian Christians who are likely to attend. To express an interest at this stage will not imply any unalterable commitment. The questionnaire will simply enable us to assess the likely response and to keep interested persons informed. If you would like a printed copy of the questionnaire just let us know, ensuring that we have your postal address. Act now, please don't delay.

Thank you.


With kind regards

Don Gwillim, Christian Vegetarian Association UK

Neville Fowler, Kindness Unlimited


*We encourage you to fill out the questionnaire listed below and return it to Kindness Unlimited. 

Click here for the questionnaire from Kindness Unlimited & Christian Vegetarian Association UK

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