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Viva! National Dairy Day of Action
1 March 2008 This Motherís Day, Mothers Want Their Babies Back!

On the 1 March, the day before Motherís Day, we aim to confront consumers with the reality of dairy production. Still many are ignorant to the suffering of Britainís hardest working mother Ė the dairy cow, whose baby will be ripped from her side after just one or two days.

With education comes change. Dumping dairy is the easiest way to end your association with this cruel industry Ė and save calves and mothers from the misery of separation and the horrors of live exports and the veal industry. Whether you can raise awareness on your local high street, or can just spare an hour or two to distribute leaflets, you can help us bring about change.

We have produced a new leaflet Mothers Want Their Babies Back! and some excellent simple placard style posters carrying the same message. We also have our ever popular How to be dairy-free recipe guide available and Itís easy to be dairy-free!, the health and shopping guide.

Order your free materials and find out more about the campaign here!

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