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No Place Like Home - New film exposes reality of zoo life

No Place Like Home is the brand new film from CAPS exposing conditions in UK zoos and explaining why they should be phased out.

Watch a five minute clip click here or buy the full film here on DVD.

Zoos in this country are often seen as amongst the ‘best’ in the world but as our exposé reveals, animals are still lingering in miserable conditions, all so people can enjoy a day out.

Filmed over the past two years in zoos across the UK, including safari parks and aquaria, No Place Like Home looks at issues of conservation and education and reveals shocking conditions in zoos, including:

A gorilla repeatedly regurgitating food and eating it. Numerous cases of stereotypic behaviours such as big cats pacing, elephants weaving and reptiles pushing against glass Small enclosures restricting movement and offering no stimulation.
In several zoos animals continue to be used as circus performers – sealions balancing balls, elephants and parrots performing tricks.

For more information check out our website

Photos: Gorilla copyright Martin Usborne; Polar bear copyright CAPS

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