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The Beefsteak Chapel
by Samantha Calvert

Bible Christian Church of Salford

Bible Christian Church of Salford

Samantha Calvert is pursuing doctoral research in the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion on the relationship between modern Christianity and vegetarianism (1847 to the present). She has published articles on vegetarianism and Christianity in this period in The Journal of Ecclesiastical History (Vol 58, No. 3, 2007), Eating and Believing, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Vegetarianism and Theology (Eds. R. Muers and D. Grumett, T&T Clark, 2008) and has another article forthcoming in Studies in Church History. She is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and has worked as Head of Public Affairs for The Vegetarian Society in the UK.

Reflecting on her experience of making this video Samantha notes, “It was a true voyage of discovery as I had never picked up a camera and editing software was a totally new experience too. There was a great sense of achievement in managing the steep learning curve in a short time and being able to produce a video. A high point of the process was visiting the site of the Bible Christian Church Church, in Salford, with Derek Antrobus and knowing that the early Bible Christians had worshipped there. Meeting the Churnet Valley Male Voice Choir was another rewarding experience and provided an opportunity for knowledge transfer – the purpose of this project – when members of the choir had so many questions about my research. Initially they thought vegetarian hymns written by a man called Cowherd must be a ‘Candid Camera’ type of practical joke! There is a small corner of the Staffordshire Moorlands that is very well informed about the Bible Christian Church as a result.”.

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