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Don't Lift the Moratorium on Commercial Whaling!

In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned all commercial whaling. As a result, the number of whales killed every year was drastically reduced. Yet even today several rogue nations continue to hunt and slaughter whales.

There is no excuse for continuing to allow this barbaric and outdated practice, especially as other threats to whales -- like pollution and climate change -- increase. Nonetheless, a deal between whaling and conservation countries has been proposed this year that would suspend the moratorium for 10 years, allowing whaling nations to legally kill whales even in designated sanctuaries. This deal is only rewarding bad behavior and leaves the fate of the world's whales in the hands of the three whaling nations.

No deal that lifts the moratorium will ever be acceptable. Join us in calling on world leaders to support strengthening the moratorium and fulfilling the conservation mandate of the IWC. Now, more than ever, whales need to be protected.


Show your support for whales! Send a message to your country's officials today via the Humane Society International website:

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