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League releases grim exposé of shooting cruelty

12 August 2010

The League Against Cruel Sports has released graphic footage showing the extent of suffering inflicted on game birds used on commercial shoots.

The short film, ‘A Good Shot?’ is being released today to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season. The Glorious Twelfth traditionally celebrates the first day of shooting but the League is using this to expose the reality of commercial shooting away from the spin and propaganda peddled by the industry.

Grim footage, possibly the first of its kind to be released, shows game birds frantically flapping and struggling after being wounded by inaccurate shooters. This completely contradicts claims by the industry that most birds are killed outright and if not are immediately retrieved by gun dogs and dispatched. Our film shows a number of birds flailing wildly in obvious pain while shooters carry on, ignoring the suffering they have caused.

League Chief Executive Douglas Batchelor said: “This new footage clearly shows the total disregard shooters have for the welfare of the birds they are shooting. It is a complete contradiction in terms to label any blood sport as being humane and the pro shooting lobby will have a hard time defending their sport now. The Glorious Twelfth is nothing more than the glorification of killing for fun and that is certainly not a message anyone should be promoting”.

Warning: this video contains graphic footage that viewers may find upsetting:

A Good Shot?

A Good Shot?

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