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Cut the Carbon rally: London, 2 Oct. 2007

The Christian Aid march will end in London, having raised a certain amount of attention about Global Warming.

However the walk across Britain has inevitably highlighted a serious flaw in the outlook of the environmental movement. As Neville Fowler explains:

"Just take a look at their leaflets and websites - Friends of the Earth, Christian Environmental Link, Operation Noah, Campaign against Climate Change, Global Climate Campaign, Christian Aid, Oxfam, etc. etc. etc. They all refuse to mention this hugely important factor of methane from livestock. If you add all the damage caused by land degradation, felling of the rain forests to grow food for livestock, the sheer waste of land and water, it probably makes meat eating the most dangerous habit in the world today. And they all insist on keeping total silence about it. It must be the most inconvenient truth never to make it into the world's media."

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