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Hunt Watch

Hunt Watch is looking for more local groups and campaigners all over the UK to become hunt monitors. We can put you in touch with your nearest group or active monitor. If you are interested, call us on 07952 550 054 or email [email protected] to get involved.
If you would like to set up a local group, become a local contact or a regular fundraiser please contact us.
Becoming a hunt monitor
Regular monitoring of your local hunts will put a high degree of pressure on them. They will be watching their every move, just like we are.
Being a monitor you may see animals being chased and killed. You may also get be intimidated and have threats from the hunt.
Do not go hunt monitoring alone!
What you may need
Knowledge of the animal in the countryside. Click here for help
A camera with a zoom lens and/or a video camera is really essential to record evidence of animals being chased.
A Dictaphone so any threats or important information can be recorded.
You must be able to read an Ordnance Survey map.
You need to know your way around the area and where public foot paths are. This is vital as you can soon become lost.
A compass to help with map reading.
Food and drink, as it can be a long day.
Hunt watch monitors will receive a monitors guide book. This includes information on the Hunting Act guide lines, advice about badger sets, traps and artificial earths and tips on dealing with the police and your rights, currently being put together.

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