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Students Against Animal Cruelty (SAAC)

Great news! There is a new national animal rights/vegetarian group especially for students that you should know about! 
Run exclusively for those at university, college or school, Students Against Animal Cruelty (SAAC) offers these services for students of all ages:
  • Puts them in touch with other students and student groups around the UK, creating a forum for fresh ideas and meeting new friends with the same passion
  • Help set up new student groups or just give a fresh perspective and advice, from an ex-student who set up the Southampton Solent University branch of SAAC
  • Advise students in biological sciences, veterinary or human medicine who may find themselves in a sticky situation with harmful animal use in their studies
  • Arrange meet-ups throughout the year for socialising, demos, conferences etc
  • Start producing literature to help educate students about the different animal causes and concerns around the world
  • Send regular e-newsletters with the latest on the student scene and national/local campaigns
  • With their permission, add their details to a database so we can see just how many animal conscious students are out there. This could be highly valuable if, say, pushing for better catering nationally, statistics etc
  • Act as a 'union' type body to act as external help if students are having trouble with their university/college/school in relation to the nature of the group
Thank you for your help and please get in touch with any queries.
Best wishes,
Alexia Weeks

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