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The Least Among Us

Graphic Novel highlights theological animal rights:


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Martin O'Shea & Tony Wright 2006 all rights reserved.

Available from: Ascendant Press, P.O. Box 291, Cardiff CF11 1ED, South Wales, U.K.

U.K. - 5.50
Ireland/Europe - 6.00
Rest of the World - 7.50

All prices are in pounds sterling and include postage and packing. Please make cheques payable to Ascendant Press.

Publication date: 21st August 2006.
(64 pages)

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Abuse survivor uses cartoons to educate 'bewildered' faithful
by Simon Caldwell

A man who gave evidence in a sex abuse trial of a Catholic priest has produced a cartoon book to help to educate people about the "everyday dynamics of clergy predation".

As a child, the man suffered a series of indecent assaults at the hands of John LLoyd, a former priest from the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

Writing under the pseudonym of Martin O'Shea, he is attempting to use his experiences to unveil a "perception of scenarios" likely to occur following a complaint of abuse.

The result is a "graphic novella" called The Least Among Us, in which Mr O'Shea, with illustrator Tony Wright, tells the story of how a fictional bishop tries to deal with a clerical sex scandal.

Mr O'Shea, a former altar boy, gave evidence in the 1998 trial of Lloyd at Chester Crown Court. Lloyd, who was a former press officer for the then Archbishop of Cardiff, John Ward, was jailed for eight years for offences against women, boys and girls.

Mr O'Shea said he had decided to write the book because he still felt that many churchgoers were often left confused and bewildered by cases of clerical sexual abuse.

"In the period following Lloyd's conviction I participated in a dozen anonymous, silhouetted and unpaid media interviews," said Mr O'Shea.

"It appeared to be an essential contribution to the growth in awareness which was being experienced at the time by the Church, press and public alike.

Yet cases of clergy sex abuse remain a mystery to church-goers, as evinced by the bewilderment, strife and, more often than not, scorn which emanates from congregations when a beloved priest or pastor becomes accused or convicted of unimaginable offences.

"The storyline of The Least Among Us is removed from the secrecy which would shroud the guilt or innocence of individuals involved in real-life criminal cases."

Mr O'Shea, an animal rights activist, added that the story also contained a sub-plot which examines "animal theology".

The Catholic Herald: (21/7/06)

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