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Form of cruelty

Youngsters in Dublin's housing estates on the way to the airport are tearing around on horses and ponies bought at fairs. It seems that hopefully something will be done in the near future to put an end to this form of cruelty.

Tinkers - or Travellers - are a disgrace when it comes to the way they treat their dogs and horses. No one seems to care though.

A lovely doggy friend of mine - a gentle creature who is mostly Irish wolfhound - was owned by Tinkers and rescued in the nick of time as they were about to throw him out into Bantry Bay with a stone tied round his neck.

Finn McCool - that's his name now - lives in some style in Glengarriff with Kelly, Willum, Moppet, Chloe and their beloved John and Kate Graves who would do without themselves rather than see theirs critters wanting. A happy ending for the McCool.

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