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Hospital bed

Vicki was gored 11 times - through the chest which went right through and grazed her spine, another bad wound in her foot, and the bull's horn also went through the back of her knee and came out at the front. The extremely pretty former actress is now home but badly shaken still.

I was talking to Una Loy who also lives in Southport. A member of the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare, she is a friend of the Moores. They travelled together to Brightlingsea to protest at the calves being loaded onto a ferry en route to the continent.

Una is part of an animal welfare group which helps the local dog warden with a neutering scheme for dogs. To raise money they run bookstalls, antique fairs and have lunches and raffles.

So far as the Church is concerned, not a great deal is done for animals. We do, however, have The Ark, a quarterly magazine costing 80p published by the Catholic Study Circle.

Love and respect for animals should be taught in childhood and we should all support organisations and groups who want to make life a little easier for the other creatures who share the planet Earth with us.

From the Catholic Times dated August 6th, 1995.

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