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Church hall demo over tests on animals

Protesters staged a four-hour demonstration outside a church hall which was being used for tests on shampoos.

They claimed it was wrong to let a church hall be used by Stock Life Science Research Centre because it did some of its tests on animals.

The protesters yesterday were all members of Southend and South East Essex branch of Animal Aid, dedicated to fighting experiments on animals for scientific and medical research.

The 20-strong group of demonstrators outside St.Martin's Hall in Basildon, handed out leaflets about experiments on animals and gathered names for a petition.

Spokesman Mr. Richard Mander, of Little Thorpe, Thorpe Bay, Southend organiser for Animal Aid, said: "We are asking the vicar of St. Martin's to reconsider the use of a church hall by an organisation which experiments on animals."

Life Science Research had admitted using rabbits and dogs for experiments at Stock.

Mr Mander said some of the people taking part in the shampoo tests in Basildon did not know what Life Science Research did.

"When we explained about tests on animals, they decided not to go in for the final test," he said.

A spokesman for Life Science Research said all experiments on animals at Stock were done under government controls.

The Rev Lionel Webber, vicar of St. Martin's, said: "I have sympathy with the demonstrators, but my knowledge of reputable firms - and I put Life Science Research in that category - is that suffering is kept to a minimum."

Basildon Evening Echo, November 20th, 1979.

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