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Church silent over factory farms

In spite of sustained criticism of the Church for being so silent regarding animal abuse, and in spite of the publication of Vera Yorke's book The Church's Supreme Disgrace, there is still little acknowledgement from any of the main sects that we are part of nature and that we share the planet with many forms of intelligent non-human life. In consequence, it omits to say that we should behave like trustees rather than tyrants.

It was encouraging, therefore, to read in the Ipswich Evening Star that the Editor of St. Matthew's Church magazine had called factory farming "one of the abominations of our time - a legalised wickedness".

I suppose the Church's attitude should not be expected to change too quickly, when one considers that it took eighteen hundred years for it to come out against slavery in human form. It is, nevertheless, extraordinary to see agricultural development projects in the developing countries which are funded by Christian Aid which involve inhumane rearing, transporting and slaughtering methods.

The Church's insular attitude will lose it support in an increasingly enlightened age.

Ag Feb/March 1983

(Journal of Compassion in World Farming)

Reproduced with Thanks.

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