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Love the family, not just the whales, says London Bishop

Saving the family is more important than saving the whale, the Bishop of London said in an article for Moral Re-Armament.

Writing in the June/July issue of For A Change, the social pressure group's magazine, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres spoke of the decline of community and the heavy burden placed on human relationships in a society which disregards the divine.

"It can lead to great disappointments," he said. "Then we find it easier to love whales or pandas rather than our fellow human beings."

The Church of England Newspaper, June 6th 1997

NB. The Bishop's comments formed the basis of a sermon by the Rev Prof. Andrew Linzey Linzey given at the 'Creation Festival Eucharist' on 14th June 1997, St Alban's Cathedral: Confessing Christ in the world of Creation.

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