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All Creatures Great and Small

An animal welfare measure designed to improve the treatment of pigs failed in the House of Lords in February. The ex-head of the Church of England, the former archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, exercised his Christian compassion and voted to block the Bill which would have outlawed tail docking and teeth cutting. As the country's biggest landowner, it sits comfortably alongside the church's refusal to ban hunting on the land it controls.

Take almost any religion, look carefully at its original teachings on the treatment of animals and you'll find they contain a clear call to be vegetarian or vegan. Then look at the interpretation that men (and it usually is men) put on those teachings and you will see how hypocrisy was born.

From the Spring 1998 edition of Viva! Life - journal of Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals. Reproduced with Thanks.

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