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Some Christians DO CARE

From the Sept/Oct '90 edition of Agscene - journal of Compassion In World Farming. Reproduced with Thanks.

We have received an encouraging document called "The Glauberg Confession", a declaration by Christian theologians and pastors that, "We have failed as Christians because we forgot the animals... we have... not served our least brethren the animals" etc.

The Confession declares a change of attitude, calls for the Church to win back the trust of those Christians who have left it despairing of its attitude to animals, and calls on all Christians to make concern for animals an ecumenical matter.

Originating in Germany, the Confession has an encouragingly long list of signatories. So far there are only the following names of British churchpeople: Rev. Lord Soper, Rev. James Thompson of Aberdeen, Rev. Gordon Clark of Tunbridge Wells, Fr. Oswald Clarke of London, Rev. Norman Kelly of Rochford, Essex, Rev. Dr. Andrew Linzey of Essex University, Rev. Allan Old of Edinburgh, Rev. Eric Taylor of London and Fr. Trevor Thorpe of North Weald, Essex.

We do hope that other clergymen may follow suit. Enquiries to Christa & Michael Blanke, Friedhofsgasse 2, D6475 Glauberg, West Germany.

The Glauberg Confession

We confess before God, the Creator of the Animals,
and before our fellow Men:

We have failed as Christians,
because we forgot the animals in our faith.

As theologians we were not prepared to stand up
against scientific and philosophical trends
inimical to life
with the Theology of Creation.

We have betrayed the diaconal mission of Jesus,
and not served our least brethren, the animals.

As pastors we were scared to give room to animals
in our churches and parishes.

As the Church, we were deaf to the ‘groaning in travail’
of our mistreated and exploited fellow-creatures.

Glauberg, Spring 1988.

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