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Tally ho! Demo mob hound the hunting parson

by Alan Gordon

A hunting parson found himself at the centre of an angry protest yesterday when he preached at a tiny village church.

Fifty anti-hunting campaigners demonstrated against the Rev. Robin Ray, assistant curate at St. Andrew's church at Boscombe, near Salisbury, and joint master of a Wiltshire otter hunt.

Before the service a man pinned a poster saying "Hounds off our wild life" to the altar cloth.

When 32-year old Mr. Ray arrived, the demonstrators booed and held up banners - "Only rotters kill otters" and "Gory Hallelujah."


While Mr. Ray preached to a congregation of eight, the demonstrators sang:

"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful
The curate kills them all."

Mr. Ray said: "If you people will be quiet during the service, I will speak to you afterwards."

During the service the protesters blew hunting horns.

After the service Mr. Ray raised his hand and told the demonstrators: "I bless you." They shouted: "We don't want your bloody blessing."

Demonstrators leapt on Mr. Ray's Land Rover as he drove off, but he refused to talk to them.

From the Daily Mirror dated September 27, 1976

With thanks to Mike Huskisson and the Animal Welfare Information Service:

See 'Hunting Parsons' .

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