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MP Defends support for animals Bill

From The Universe dated Sunday, March 5, 1995: 

A Catholic MP has denied that he has got his priorities wrong by sponsoring a Bill on animal protection.

John McFall, the Labour member for Dumbarton, said he has consistently supported human rights and made his opposition to abortion quite clear.

And he scoffed at suggestion that, by sponsoring the Wild Mammals (Protection) Bill, he was jumping on a bandwagon and ignoring more urgent issues.

"The issue of animal welfare is prominent in the public mind," Mr McFall said.

"Over 200,000 letters have been sent to MP's, and I've had 3,000 alone supporting the Bill. Fox-hunting is needless cruelty and should be banned."

The Private Members Bill would outlaw fox-hunting, hare-coursing and snaring, and make it an offence to kick, beat or torture wild animals. It was expected to receive wide backing at its second reading in the Commons on Friday.

Among its supporters is the Labour MP for Bootle, Joe Benton.

But, the Catholic secretary of the all-party pro-life group has appealed to animal activists to extend the same "charitable consideration" to the unborn child.

He urged MP's to back an Early Day Motion, tabled last month for changes to the Abortion Act to give protection to the human foetus.

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