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Choose Cruelty-Free this Christmas (1987 campaign)

This Christmas CIWF has joined together with the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), Lynx and The Vegan Society to campaign for a cruelty-free Christmas.

The Choose Cruelty-Free This Christmas campaign was launched on 23rd October and is already starting to receive widespread press coverage. The aim of the campaign is to offer the public information about the cruelties involved in the production of cosmetics, toiletries, furs and the traditional Christmas dinner menu and to give advice on the cruelty-free alternatives available.

During the campaign we hope that you, our members, will help distribute 250,000 Choose Cruelty-Free This Christmas leaflets. Members of the public responding to the leaflet, a copy of which is enclosed with this issue of Agscene, will receive a Choose Cruelty-Free This Christmas magazine containing details of the campaign and articles outlining the aims and action suggestions of the BUAV, CIWF, Lynx and The Vegan Society. The campaign has been endorsed by many celebrities with Richard Briers saying "Traditionally, Christmas is a time for caring and that caring should be extended to all living creatures. You have my best wishes for your splendid campaign to Choose Cruelty-Free This Christmas" and Sophie Ward saying "I wholeheartedly support the promotion of cruelty-free products and hope that they will prove how unnecessary cosmetic testing can be"; Joanna Lumley said "Suddenly, you will realise that you cannot enjoy anything that has caused pain, has made blood flow, has ended life. Trust your instincts, try a truce: no killing at Christmas"; and by Carla Lane, Captain Sensible, Jill Gascoine, Judi Dench, Barbara Dickson, Clare Francis, Spike Milligan and many other caring celebrities.

This is a very exciting campaign which enables the participating societies to spread the message about their particular areas of concern. At the launch MacDonald Daly of BUAV said "15,652 animals died in 1986 testing cosmetics and toiletries which we do not need. Exercise your conscience at Christmas and you can change things". Mark Glover of Lynx said "As we enter the Christmas period, it is ironic that the season of compassion and goodwill coincides with the peak fur selling period. We hope that this year people will give some thought to the animals and not include fur coats on their Christmas list". Barry Kew of The Vegan Society said "Give animals a break as you break the animal habit". Carol Lang of CIWF said "If you celebrate the festive season with a bloodbath then you're Christmas crackers. Christmas should be a time of goodwill to all living creatures, not just people".

We hope you will support this campaign in any way you can. CL

From Agscene (December 1987)

Reproduced with thanks .

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