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'Christian Herald': Editorials & letters (1983/84)

'From the Editor's Desk': (3/12/83)

My dog stepped under a passing car a few weeks ago. She reached our back door, bleeding and limping, just as I arrived home.

What surprised us as a family was how the health of that lively little corgi so affected our household life. What happened to the excited fanfares of barking that greeted every visitor? Where were the big, brown doleful eyes that suddenly appeared when peanuts were served? Why was there no tail-wagging, body-wiggling, creature to welcome us home? Who said cats could cross our lawn unchallenged?

An unsolicited feeling of concern spread through friends and neighbours. Suddenly, an insignificant, taken-for-granted pet mattered very much indeed. The incident made me look again at some of the many other blessings I enjoy - familiar possessions, old friends. Perhaps we ought to take more care of them - in the same way that I now make doubly sure the garden gate is kept tight shut.

Bye the way, the dog is now almost fully recovered and as much a nuisance as ever!

Untitled letter (23/6/84)

Dear Editor,

I have been called an agent of evil because I pray for sick animals, and those on the point of no return, pensioners' and childrens' pets.

I would be very interested in the opinion of Christian animal lovers.

Should I continue to pray for pets?

It is a very delicate subject. I have said prayers, but the answers have not yet arrived.

What would your readers do in my place?

Albert Ridley

'From the Editor's Desk': (4/8/84)

Several of you have enquired about the health of my corgi. I referred to the distress caused by her road accident at the beginning of the year and apparently, left you in suspense over the outcome!

Happily, she is now fully recovered, though a little more subdued and showing her age slightly. Incidentally, in response to the questions raised in Readers' letters, my family did pray for her well-being, and we continue to thank God for the pleasure that she gives us.

Protect animals by prayer (27/9/84)

Dear Editor,

I reply to Mr. Albert Ridley's letter about praying for sick animals. May I suggest he joins our Christian Prayer Fellowship for the Protection of Animals. We pray regularly for all suffering creatures, so cruelly abused and exploited by man. We think especially of the helpless victims of vivisection, of factory-farmed animals, and all creatures of the wild trapped and snared by man.

God loves and is concerned for all his creatures, and one day we shall be required to give an account of our stewardship. His tender mercies are over all His works, and ours should be likewise.

Miss I Green

Pet Prayers (15/11/84)

Dear Editor,

You have done me a good turn and set my mind at rest. In the Christian Herald you said you had been praying for (and still do) your pet dog.

Now I have a small dog. He is my constant companion and all I have. I live alone so you will guess how much he means to me. For a long, long time I have asked God to bless him after I have prayed for everyone else. I have always felt a little bit guilty and wonder if it is right to pray for an animal. I have hesitated to ask my Minister, in case he rebuked me. I also pray for all God's creatures that he will protect them from man's cruelty to them.

I hope you do not mind me writing to you, but I just had to say thank you for setting my mind at rest.

(Name and address supplied)

Reproduced with thanks

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