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Papal Audience for bullfighters

On October 25th, 1972, some representatives of the Bullfight Lobby from Seville took advantage of their Archbishop's official visit to Rome to attend the Public Audience, to which thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics regularly are admitted.

A very tendentious report appeared on the same day in La Razon, Buenos Ayres, pretending that this was a special private Audience, and that it indicated a change of Papal policy.

That was completely untrue. Catholic Humane Societies, alerted by V.Rev. Ambrose Agius, O.S.B., have received replies from the Rome Public Relations centre and from Apostolic Delegations in London, Switzerland, and even Seville and other authentic sources, affirming that it was neither a special Audience nor did the Pope make any statement indicating a reversal of policy.

Letters from the Vatican were sent to eighty-two correspondents in England alone, with innumerable others to Italy, Spain, America etc

Unfortunately, one International Humane Society had indicated that the La Razon article had emanated from the Vatican. This has been amply and convincingly denied by official Vatican sources.

NB The above statement was composed by former Chairman of the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare and author of God's Animals, Dom Ambrose Agius, O.S.B., M.A. (1891-1978). Agius drafted the clarification at the request of the International and Overseas Committee of the R.S.P.C.A. for publication in R.S.P.C.A. Today and the text was previewed in The Ark (August 1973). The scholar's insights appear to have been overlooked in successive publications which have referred to the matter in print.

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