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Over 400 parade on World Day for Animals (1970)

From the former British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection journal AV Times (November 1970)

Well over 400 marchers followed the League Against Cruel Sports float on its way from Lincoln's Inn Fields to Whitehall on October 4 - St. Francis's Day.

Leading the protesters against blood sports with League Chairman, Raymond Rowley, were all-round animal welfare celebrities, Spike Milligan and Celia Hammond - who handed-in a separate anti-vivisection protest at Number Ten Downing Street at the end of the March.

Purpose of the League-organised march was to present a petition to the Prime Minister to call the attention of Parliament yet again to hare-coursing and otter and stag-hunting.

The programme began with a short inter-denominational service at the Kingsway Hall conducted by League President, the Rev. Lord Soper, who took for his subject Man's responsibility to God and the animal kingdom. He was followed by League Chairman Raymond Rowley who made a point of thanking all the many animal welfare societies who had given their support to the protest.

Among the marchers were many BUAV members and supporters who filed behind the Animal Aid Float along the Strand, via Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall past BUAV/HQ to the entrance to Downing Street.

The marchers gained the interest and much sympathy from the crowds of Sunday visitors along the route, particularly round Trafalgar Square. Police from the West End divisions of the Metropolitan Area commented to protesters that they had made this compulsory day of duty far easier than most demonstrations of this kind.

And maybe St. Francis - who, earlier this year, no doubt took his step-down in saintly stature with his usual earthly equanimity - was as impressed with the spirit of human brotherhood shown on his own day as he was pleased with this unanimous concern for their brothers, the animals.

Reproduced with thanks.

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