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Food for Thought and Animal Welfare

From the former British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection journal AV Times (August/September, 1974)

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends Animal Welfare and Anti-Vivisection Society, which took place at Friends House on May 11, approved a draft letter to the Home Secretary which had been prepared by the Chairman, Edward Osmotherly. The letter expressed sadness and deep concern that, in this country alone, 5,000,000 animals had been used in experiments during 1972. It continued, "we feel that there is a spiritual connection between the widespread exploitation of animals which is taking place today and the increase of violence in our midst which must cause uneasiness in every thinking person."

Florence Surfleet, the Chairman of Friends Vegetarian Society, which met on the same occasion, reported a year in which requests for literature had greatly increased and had been received from all over the world. She also gave details of a fund which has been started to provide homes for elderly vegetarians. The work of FVS could be greatly strengthened, she said, if more vegetarian Friends felt able to support the Society.

The gathering was addressed by E. Sewell Harris, whose talk was entitled: 'The Body of Man is the Temple of the Lord.' It explored the relationship between humanity and the rest of the creation, emphasising the great power and therefore the great responsibility which was man's. So often, he said, the power was used without sufficient spiritual wisdom, in a mood of arrogance rather than humility. Other living creatures, inanimate objects also, were expressions of God's creative nature and we must re-examine our attitude towards them.

A.S. and T.L

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