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Animal Aid - 'Christmas means Cruelty' campaign 1983

From the November/December 1983 edition of Outrage! with thanks to Animal Aid:

'There are 250,000 leaflets for the Christmas Cruelty campaign in Animal Aid's office awaiting distribution. Please do what you can to make sure that the animal rights issue is constantly in the public consciousness this coming holiday. Our aim is to make as many people as possible question the mass exploitation of animals, which is so taken for granted.

Letters to newspapers should also form an important part of the campaign, informing the public about the different abuses we are trying to highlight. Equally vital are letters to the BBC after Christmas to protest against the screening of circuses which include animal exploitation.

The Church is another focus for our campaign. With one or two exceptions the official religious attitude to animal rights has been deplorable, so this seems an ideal opportunity to question local clergymen and to hand out leaflets to the congregation on their way to services which are supposed to celebrate the most important religious festival in the calender. In addition, a peaceful candlelit vigil is being organised outside York Minster.

The official launching date for the campaign is Saturday 3 December, when we hope that most of our groups will be distributing leaflets in their local High Streets.' 

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