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Appeal to end cruelty to dogs

From The Universe dated March 26, 1982:

People are being asked to write to Cardinal Sin and clergy of the Philippines, protesting at the brutal way dogs are treated and killed in the islands.

Mrs Vega Stewart, of Haslemere, Surrey, says pressure from the International Fund for Animal Welfare has helped to persuade three members of the Philippine Parliament to introduce a Bill to ban the public slaughter of the animals.

IFAW says dogs have their legs bound "agonizingly" behind their backs, are cruelly muzzled, jammed dozens at a time into tiny cages, left for days in blistering heat without food and water and clubbed unconscious before being slaughtered in market places.

Dog flesh in the Philippines is regarded as a delicacy and is very expensive.

IFAW say their report shocked the Philippine authorities and Filipinos generally, but the practice continues.

The Cardinal's address is...

Letter: Horrible fate of dogs (link to be posted soon)

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