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A Theology Of Compassion

The Very Reverend Edward Carpenter bringing a new look to a centuries-old office and Invested Dean of Westminster on Ascension Day could be a forerunner of a time when the Church demonstrates true Christianity. Convinced that the order of creation never intended us to prey on animals, he is also deeply concerned at the economic implications of meat-eating, and feels that vegetarianism could help feed the starving nations of the world.

It was back in the 1920s, when he was first ordained, that Edward Carpenter became interested in vegetarianism he now has a completely vegetarian household; visitors know what to expect! The 63-year old Dean is as fit as they come and often takes a late night jogging session in the precincts of Westminster. A frequent visitor to Cranks and other London vegetarian restaurants, he sees the Church showing far greater sensitivity these days to environmental concerns, and, in fact, the whole of creation, with vegetarianism as a logical corollary.

From the August 1974 edition of The Vegetarian with thanks to the Vegetarian Society:

NB. Edward Carpenter (1910 1998) was Chairman of the Christian Consultative Council for the Welfare of Animals during the 1980s.

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