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Anthony Bates' exhibition at Southwark Cathedral

From The Vegetarian of March 1972 with thanks to the Vegetarian Society:

Almost the whole cathedral has been made available for this exhibition of paintings by vegetarian Antony Bates and Margarethe Garthe, the sculptor and painter.

Anthony Bates has about 60 paintings and a book on view - 14 of these paintings have a direct bearing on animal welfare. One very large one - the largest in the exhibition - is of special interest to vegetarians, as this picture, entitled "World Society 1972" features in a film, "Look through my living eye" which the Vegetarian Society is making and which also features a sequence of poems written by the artist. This painting should have a potent influence on those who see it, as it depicts the whole world-society built up on the backs of animals, and is a terrible revelation of world-wide exploitation.

The authorities at Southwark have been very generous and liberal in their attitude, and not only have they made no restrictions as to what is hung, but have, in fact, also given Bates opportunity to speak in the Cathedral, on his work, on Sunday, 27 February at 6.15 pm. The exhibition is from 18 February - 3 March - weekdays 7.30 am to 6.0 pm, Sundays 9.0 am to 7.30 pm.

NB. Anthony Bates (1920 - 1996) founded The Followers of the Way to promote his own interpretation of the writings of John Todd-Ferrier who founded The Order of the Cross in 1904. 

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